I'mStephen Miller.


About me

I'm a year old guy from Hungary, who is a maniac video game console collector and game modder. I have my own video game, called CandyVenture! I'm currently a Full-Stack Developer, but I always love to learn new things. Besides programming I love to do photography and graphical stuff. To see my works, scroll down. Wanna learn web development? Check out Univershitty! Also you might want to check out my Github profile for some cool stuff, like this page's source code!

My works

Web development


A retro styled social site for my friends. The site is designed like an early 2000's website. The users can write articles, have a HTML customizable profile and if someone is streaming, the page automatically shows it on the front page.



This was my webshop where I sold my refurbished videogame consoles. The webshop is a fully self-made site written in native PHP without any libraries. Responsive CSS design is also written by myself, also without using any libraries.


akcenTa Company Kft.

I made this portfolio site for a company who offers protection of persons and property.


Telenor Hungary

I worked in a team, making the Frontend for Telenor's new internal system and customer's dashboard.

Sports manager site

Made this design for a sport management CMS. It has an example for almost every page, you can find a link on the git repo page to view it.

Git repository


One night I woke up and this idea just came to my mind. A Twitter-like social site, but everyone's profile picture is donut shaped.

Git repository


This is a port of the RetroPie emulator project, just for the OrangePi board. I helped the creator to make a unique design for his port, and a good looking website.


stephenmiller.hu 2018

A year after I came up with some ideas so I made a revision of this site.

stephenmiller.hu 2017

This was the first version of this design, yeah it changed a lot during the times.

Xbox Hungary

At the time we had a large Hungarian Xbox group on Facebook, and the official Xbox.com was very outdated. We contacted Microsoft about that, made a demo about our idea but later it got rejected, and they translated the official UK website to Hungarian.


This was my first webpage ever. It was built on WordPress, then I realized WP s*cks, so I wrote my own CMS.

stephenmiller.hu 2022

I came up with this black/green color scheme and I really liked the idea, and I also had these glitchy JavaScript animations that I wanted to use somewhere, so I thought it's time to make a new personal website for myself.


Torque - RC Madness

RC Racing game, more details coming soon... [In progress]


Berry and his friends count on you! Evil monsters invaded the candy world and stole all the candies. But you and our heroes are here to save their candy world! Use their powers to destroy the monsters in this cozy 2D adventure game!

Free on Steam!

Space Oddity

Once I tried to make a mobile game. It's a space shooter, but in an infinite-runner style, where you had to survive and fight through waves of enemies, upgrading your ship and discover new galaxies. But then I realized I hate to play games on a phone so I cancelled it.


This was a Source engine mod, based on HL2:DM. It featured many player classes and King of the Hill game mode. I've never finished it, but it was a good opportunity to learn C++.



Admit it. The art of keygens are beautiful, so I made this little thing.

Git repository


Since the educational system is immeasurably bad, I've decided to make documents about my knowledge, mostly of web development, and distribute it on the internet for free.
[In progress]

Official site